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4 reasons why parents love Multi-Purpose Pomelo wipes

December 19, 2023


Find it hard keeping your home spick and span while running after your youngsters? Being a parent can be stressful, particularly with toddlers running a riot in the freshly cleaned living room! If you find yourself tackling spills, dirt and grime daily, then we have a quick and easy solution…

Bigger, wetter and stronger than regular wipes, our Multi-Purpose Pomelo Clothwipes are designed to get to grips with the daily grime and make everyday life as a parent that little bit easier. Capable of cleaning up mess on a range of surfaces including floors, walls, toys and furniture – we’ve highlighted four reasons why mums and dads love our Multi-Purpose Pomelo wipes. 

Highchair hygiene 

Dinner can be a great way to spend more time with the family and is a particularly important developmental stage for toddlers. Not only can your child implement healthy eating habits, but family meals can also strengthen family relationships and create a routine for your youngster!

However, dinner time with toddlers can also cause chaos. As our little ones start to eat solid foods and use their hands and fingers to eat, this can often lead to crumbs, spills and smears following every meal. Mopping up these messes as and when they occur is essential, as highchairs can harbour ground-in dirt and grime, causing a lingering odour.

But don’t panic, our Multi-Purpose Pomelo clothwipes are perfect for on-the-go or in the home spills and splutters. Double the size of regular wipes and possessing a particularly high moisture retention, just one of our Pomelo wipes is capable of soaking up spillages and crumbs with ease. Also, our luxury Pomelo grapefruit-like scent will leave your youngster’s highchair not only looking brand new, but smelling it too, and it will even leave a pleasant aroma for the rest of the room. 

Artistic adventures 

What could be better than spending the day doing arts and crafts with the whole family? Playing with pens and paint is not only a fun rainy day activity, but an important sensory exercise for your young ones. In fact, research shows that creative activities such as arts and crafts can engage a child’s sense of touch, sight and sound developing both motor skills and coordination. 

That being said, the aftermath of colouring and painting can often be a messy one! From paint pot spills to lids left off pens, it is important to tackle these accidents before they lead to costly consequences. Having a pack of Multi-Purpose Pomelo clothwipes handy will eliminate any potential long-lasting stains and can be used around the house on a range of furniture – including hardwood floors and carpets! 

With a large absorbency capacity and cloth-like fabric, our Pomelo wipes can mop up paint spillages and wipe away pen marks while staying wet and usable for more than one hour. Made with Aloe Vera and vitamin E, they are safe to use on all surfaces and kind to skin, making them perfect for cleaning little hands after a day of painting! 

Toy troubles

If the first thing you see every morning are toys sprawled across the floor, the chances are your young ones will thank you for it! Studies suggest that toys nurture a child’s cognitive development and enhance attention span and memory. Not to mention that playdates with friends encourages children to take turns and share, implementing important social skills from an early age. However, if your toddlers toy box is overflowing or their group of friends have runny noses, it may be time to give everything a wipe down…

As children explore the world with their hands, dirt and grime can spread on their most loved toys if not regularly cleaned, which may make them more susceptible to wear and tear – that’s why having a stylish purple pack of our Multi-Purpose Pomelo clothwipes on hand is a playroom essential. A powerful yet safe cleaner, our Pomelo wipes won’t dry out even when left open for days, meaning you can clean with ease. 

Car cleanups 

Seatbelts on, windows down and back seat karaoke at the ready – road trips are fun any time of the year! An excuse to wander off the beaten track and spend some quality family time, travelling can be a great way to get out of the house and clear our minds. That is, unless you have a screaming toddler in the back seat… 

Although car journeys have proven health benefits including improved sense of direction and sleep quality, long stints on the road can bring boredom for youngsters unless they have some treats in hand. Travelling with kids can often result in cluttered car seats, whether that be crumb trails, juice spills or grubby finger marks. Thankfully, our Multi Purpose Pomelo clothwipes are every parent’s best friend!

Coming in flexible packaging and perfect for on-the-go, our Pomelo clothwipes get to grips with ground-in mess like food and drink spillages, saving the need for an expensive car valet. With durable, cloth-like fabric that won’t rip or deteriorate during use, our Pomelo wipes are a cost-effective solution to cleaning your car post-road trip!

Use UltraGrime Multi-Purpose Pomelo Clothwipes for life’s everyday messes – now available on Amazon!

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