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    UltraGrime® Life: Outdoor Clothwipes

    Outdoor Clothwipes have made wild camping in our van a pleasure. Right amount of moisture to use and large enough to actually wipe, rub and scrub with. Best of all 100% biodegradable so eases the conscience!
    Fantastic product. Won’t leave home for our adventures without them.

    Philip M


    UltraGrime® Pro: Multiuse

    I don’t often comment on products here but these tea towel-sized wet wipes are awesome!
    I have a pack in my car, camper van, and garage. I also keep some in a ziplock bag in my motorbike top box and walking pack. All have stayed moist for over 18 months. Overall a great bit of kit.



    UltraGrime® Pro: Power Scrub

    These wipes are amazing. I run an MOT and repair garage which is one of the messiest jobs out there. The guys in the workshop can actually wash their hands with one wipe. They seem to remove oil grease and dirt no problem. They stay wet for quite a long time too and the rough side of the wipe is actually really rough and can scrub things down well. I would recommend these to any business or private individual as the uses are endless.


    UltraGrime® Pro: Anti-Bac

    Amazing wipes!!!!! Best I’ve ever tried, they are fantastic for cleaning everything and stay wet which is wonderful, worth every penny and the only wipes I will ever buy now. Most importantly I’ve complete confidence in the product and it’s reassuring it kills all germs and viruses. I’ve got my friends and family using them too and they are super impressed.


    UltraGrime® Life: Garage Clothwipes

    Having seen our engineers use these wipes on various sites and speaking highly of them I felt I would try a pack at home and I was not disappointed. The cloths are very large (38 x 25cm) and useful for all kinds of tasks around the home and garden, I have found them to be very tough and up to the job. Without going OTT about a wipe they are great, skin safe and I would highly recommend them.


    UltraGrime® Life: Anti-Bac Clothwipes

    Fab product! Excellent value for money they smell lovely and they are very thick unlike most brands.


    UltraGrime® Life: Anti-Bac Clothwipes

    Far better than any other wipes I have used — they are huge compared to other wipes which makes cleaning surfaces easy; when the pack is open they stay wet; and they are effective against covid-19 which gives me peace of mind. Highly recommend and won’t be using any other wipes again.

    C R Young

    UltraGrime® Life: Family Clothwipes

    Love these wipes!! Perfect for cleaning up after messy children! Nothing works better on my babies high chair, I use them to clean up spills on all surfaces! And biodegradable! Thumbs up from me!


    W & J Chambers

    I decided to stock UltraGrime Wipes range because of the packaging. We initially purchased the UltraGrime XXL wipes and after good sales we leaped at the opportunity to stock the range. As a manager of an argi/equestrian store I am always on the lookout for new ideas / brands / functional products. It is important to continuously bring in new products and rotate displays. I find this makes customers delve further into our store and the packaging of these wipes grabs attention. They are also very functional. It is unique to find such a large hardwearing wipe in a sealable packet. The range displayed together is attractive to the eye and I believe this is the reason our sales have increased.


    J B Brown

    Top class wipe, No Tripe!