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UltraGrime® was created to address the problems with ordinary, small, weak cleaning wipes. They’re bigger, thicker and super-absorbent, so one Clothwipe is all you need for most jobs. The cleaning solution is specially formulated to cut through general dirt and grime, grease, oil and adhesives without harsh chemicals that dry out hands or damage surfaces. UltraGrime® fills a critical hole on store shelves. They’re the only disposable cleaning clothwipes designed specifically for the industrial, manufacturing, DIY, automotive, construction and outdoor markets. We’re confident that once your customers try UltraGrime®, they’ll love them!

We are confident UltraGrime will bring additional incremental sales to your stores and we will back you all the way with our store support team and merchandising options. Interested in becoming a distributor and starting to fight dirty? Talk to us about our UltraGrime® guarantee and bring these unique Clothwipes to your store shelves today.

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