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5 reasons why retailers choose UltraGrime® Clothwipes

December 15, 2023


UltraGrime’s range of Clothwipes are loved by customers for many reasons. For one, our Clothwipes solve the many issues common with regular wipes – bigger, wetter and stronger, our range is a vast improvement to the conventional wipes, and can tackle life’s biggest spills and grimiest jobs with ease.

Are you looking to enhance the cleaning aisle of your store with highly-rated products? In this blog post, we explain exactly why retailers are stocking shelves with UltraGrime Clothwipes…

1 – Clothwipes that stand out from the crowd

At UltraGrime, we pride ourselves on delivering the very best products for our customers, and that’s why each product in our expansive suite of Clothwipes has been carefully designed to cater for a range of specific needs and requirements.

Each of our products is stored in recyclable packaging that’s bursting with our bold and eye-catching branding which helps them stand out on store shelves, and every product is also designed to the same meticulous standard. UltraGrime Clothwipes are double the size of regular wipes, are packed with moisture, and are incredibly durable compared to standard wipes.

Each of our Clothwipes are even made with 100% biodegradable plant-based fibres! All of this makes for a suite of products that are loved by our customers – just take a look at some of our reviews here.

2 – A range of products to suit your customers’ needs

We have the ideal cleaning products for supermarkets, DIY stores, online retailers, pet shops, and everything in between. The UltraGrime® range is complete with a range of Clothwipe products to cater for all of life’s messiest jobs – here are just a few…

  • Anti-Bac Clothwipes helps deliver professional grade cleaning and disinfection in any environment. Bursting with a citrus scents, our Anti-Bac Clothwipes will leave surface smelling and looking brand new.
  • Pet Care Clothwipes are the perfect tool for keeping pets healthy, and homes squeaky clean. These are safe on fur and skin, and can be used to clean four-legged friends, accessories, toys, and more.
  • Multi-Purpose Clothwipes are well-equipped to handle the everyday messes that are facing your customers. From wiping down the interiors of a home, to cleaning out a car, the helpful uses for our original Clothwipes are endless.
  • Multi-Purpose Pomelo Clothwipes are packed with a luxurious scent, and are a hit with families. From cleaning surfaces throughout the home, to cleaning children’s toys, these Clothwipes are a must-have for parents and carers.

Does your customer base deal with oil, grease, or paint? Our UltraGrime® Pro range has been expertly designed to help keep workspaces and tools as clean as possible during busy work days where hands are known to get dirty.

3 – Work with a passionate customer service and communications team

Our customer service team is incredibly passionate about delivering the best for our retail customers. That’s why you can expect an excellent level of service and communication from our team time after time.

We have a track record of working with retailers in the United Kingdom and across the globe, while helping these customers maximise sales. This has strengthened our understanding of the processes involved in bringing on a new supplier like UltraGrime, which is why we have tailored our processes to be as seamless as possible.

4 – A simple process 

It’s never been easier to start stocking our range of products! If you’re interested in enhancing the cleaning products offered by your store, then we encourage you to get in touch with our team of dedicated experts as soon as possible.

We can create bespoke orders complete with products to suit the nature of your business, and to meet the needs of your customers. With a dedication to timely deliveries, we’ve made our processes simple and efficient for retailers.

5 – Keep up with the retailers already stocking UltraGrime®

Our vast range of one-of-a-kind Clothwipes are already filling the shelves of retailers across the UK and further afield! Retailers have chosen to stock UltraGrime for many reasons: our Cothwipes are the more sustainable choice, are loved by customers thanks to our focus on quality, and the process for adding UltraGrime to shelves is easy thanks to our fantastic team of experts.

Are you eager to keep up with competing retailers, and help your customers fight grime? Please get in touch with us today to kickstart your journey to stocking UltraGrime®.

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