Sustainability & Responsibility

Sustainability is an essential design principle in the development of our products. Biodegradability, efficient production methods and use of recycled materials are at the forefront of our criteria.

We are committed to minimising waste and energy usage, increasing recycling rates and giving back to our planet with every pack, now and for the future.


In our large and growing range of biodegradable wipes, we use fabrics with 0% plastic content. We’ve developed an industry-leading fabric made from 100% biodegradable plant-based fibres, so you can be sure you’re not harming the environment with plastic wipes.


Waste Reduction

In the past 2 years we decreased the amount of landfill and incinerated waste per pack by 8% and we’re on track to decrease by a further 8% in 2023. In fact our goal is to continue this annual reduction and by 2026 we aim to have reduced waste per pack by a whopping 40%.

We constantly monitor the waste output of our factory to continually maintain and improve our performance.

Our production and packaging methods currently use up to 76% less plastic than commonly used tubs.


Carbon Offsetting

Through our partnership with MoreTrees, we’re supporting projects that are planting trees in some of the most needed communities in Kenya, Madagascar and Haiti.

We aim to plant at least 1,200 trees – offsetting 360 tonnes of carbon – each year as part of these projects.

As a UK manufacturer we help our customers reduce their own carbon footprint. By providing a highly effective service we eliminate the need for importing products that increase both costs and carbon footprints unnecessarily.


UK Manufacturing

We make all our products in our own facilities in the UK. This gives us a unique advantage when it comes to sustainability – the finished product is already here in the UK so less transport miles than imported goods, and we retain control over the entire manufacturing process, rather than us depending on the sustainability of a factory we don’t control.

To find out more about our UK manufacturing facilities, click here.


Want to know more?

To find out more about what we’re doing to improve sustainability, reduce our environmental impact or just want to find out more about our brands, you can contact us here.