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UltraGrime Life

When life gets messy, take care of it with UltraGrime® LIFE disposable cleaning wipes. Bigger and better than your ordinary wipes, these are made to tackle all of life’s everyday messes. From dirty counter tops to tough adhesives and more, UltraGrime® LIFE Clothwipes can handle it all without damaging your hands thanks to the skin-safe aloe extract and vitamin E based formula.

From DIY jobs around the house to messy dinner parties, wipe it away with UltraGrime® Life Clothwipes. A must have for every home.


Why choose UltraGrime® for life’s dirtiest jobs?

The UltraGrime® Life range is the perfect partner to tackle any clean-up job on any surface including wood and carpet. Our Clothwipes are DOUBLE the size of regular wipes, and they stay wet and usable for over an hour whereas regular wipes last just 5-10 minutes.

Some of our Clothwipes even burst with their own luxurious scent, meaning you can say goodbye to lingering odours from the many clean-up jobs you face every day. Whether you’re cleaning a bathroom or some kitchen worktops, each room will be left looking and smelling fresh.

Our Clothwipes are neatly stored within an easy-to-carry recyclable package, making UltraGrime® the perfect option to take on-the-go or to store at home. Left the packet lid open? There’s no need to worry, as our Clothwipes retain their moisture and scent for a long time!

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The greener choice

The UltraGrime® Life product range was created with a greener planet in mind.

You can dispose of our 100% biodegradable, plastic free Clothwipes and recyclable packaging with confidence knowing they have a minimal impact on the environment.

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