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Winter activities to keep the family entertained

December 7, 2023


The frosty mornings and chiller days are in full swing, and while it may be tempting to cosy up on the sofa having duvet days every weekend, it’s probably not going to keep the family entertained long-term. 

This season itself might come with its fair share of bad weather, but it can also bring some of the most beautiful days and thanks to layering and winter attire, you can take advantage of seasonal days out as well as engage in household activities to ensure everyone is having fun. 

In fact, this blog post is full of fun activities for the whole family to enjoy, as well as some hints and tips on how UltraGrime wipes can keep your home clean and tidy throughout! 


A classic winter staple, sledging is one of those activities you have to take advantage of when the weather is cold enough and there’s enough fluffy snow on the ground. The beauty with this one is it doesn’t matter what age you are as you’re guaranteed to have a laugh. However, the aftermath can often be a mucky one. With the best conditions for sledging being after a wet snowfall, this can often mean muddy clothes and shoes being trailed into the home.

Thankfully, our Multi-Purpose Original Clothwipes are a powerful yet safe dirt remover and safe to use on hands and surfaces, so you can clean up those muddy footprints and mucky hands before the family brings it all into the home! 

Not only will our Multi-Purpose Original Clothwipes leave your home looking professionally cleaned, but they are also recyclable and environmentally friendly – made with 100% biodegradable fibres!


If you don’t fancy braving the bitter winter weather, what better way to spend a wet and rainy afternoon than baking in the comfort of your own home? Not only does baking have a positive impact on our mental health, but it’s also a great way to create lifelong memories and traditions with the whole family. Not to mention the smell of freshly baked treats around the house! 

Having said that, baking with your bambinos can cause some kitchen clutter. Inevitably, it brings a host of spills and splutters, but it’s essential you clear up your worktops quickly after use to avoid permanent stains or the spread of potentially harmful bacteria. With a large absorbency capacity and XXL+ size, our Anti-Bac Clothwipes kill up to 99.99% of bacteria and are capable of cleaning up the toughest kitchen mishaps. And for those extra messy days, our wipes stay wet and usable for more than 60 minutes!

Arts & crafts

Another indoor activity for any aspiring little artists in the family is a day filled with arts and crafts! An important part of childhood education, creative activities such as arts and crafts can help with the development of a youngster’s imagination, self-expression and problem-solving skills. With winter decorations adorning houses, we recommend the whole family take part in making homemade cards, frames or even spray painting outdoor elements like leaves, pine cones and more to bring a bit of the outdoors, indoors! 

Got guests coming over after a fun-filled day of painting? Arts and crafts may be enjoyable at the time, but nobody wants unsightly paint splatters on their hardwood floors. Luckily, our Multi-Purpose Pomelo Clothwipes are well-equipped to handle life’s everyday messes! Double the size of common wipes, using just one of our Multi-Purpose Pomelo Clothwipes will result in your floors looking brand new without the need for a professional clean. 

Equipped with a luxurious and refreshing scent, our Pomelo Clothwipes will also leave your home smelling delicious by the time your guests arrive! 

Winter stroll

Despite the cool and crisp temperatures, taking the family out for a winter stroll has proven to have significant health benefits. With cold weather boosting our immunity and lifting our mood, a wintry walk is the perfect way to get the whole family away from their screens and spend time outdoors – including our four-legged friends! 

However, with the wet and windy weather being the main culprit for muddy terrain, it’s important that you clean off your dog’s paws before they trot back indoors. Despite the mud being fun for our furry friends to roll around in, mud can cling to pets, resulting in a dirty home environment. 

We recommend keeping a recyclable pack of our Pet Care Clothwipes handy on your next winter walk. Designed specifically for use on pets and to deal with ground-in dirt, our Pet Care Clothwipes won’t rip or deteriorate during use, allowing you to clean off your pup’s paws anytime, anywhere. With a gentle micellar cleansing formula, our wipes are safe and gentle on your dog’s paws and skin – the only thing we can’t promise is that they’ll stay still! 

Perfect to have in the house or on the go, find out more about the products in our UltraGrime® range here.