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UltraGrime Vs Grease

October 26, 2020

Did you know that the Original UltraGrime product was created for mechanics? Over the years, it’s evolved into the big, mean cleaning machine we know it as today, but it’s roots stem from the need to remove grease and oil from hands, tools and surfaces.

The big, thick cloth fabric means oil spills can be absorbed easily, and its superior strength means it won’t rip or tear on the tough jobs.

The formula used to impregnate the cloth is designed to attack grease and, coupled with the strong fabric, will remove really ground-in grease and dirt – even from hands. The safe-on-skin, alcohol free formulation also means these wipes can be used all day without drying out hands, and can even be used on vehicle interiors. Plus, they’ll stay wet and usable for well over an hour outside the pack, so there’s less wastage from drying out.