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UltraGrime: How to Pet-Proof Your Home

October 10, 2023


We all love our pets unconditionally, but does your pooch’s mess ever leave you feeling barking mad? We’ve all been there – from our dogs dragging in dirt and mud on to the freshly cleaned floors to trails of drool left on the sofa, keeping a tidy home with a pup in the picture can be tricky. 

Thankfully, we’ve designed the ultimate pet wipe to help with the housework and created this guide on how to pet-proof your home after a day out with your four-legged friend. 

Woodland walks

Not only does a walk in the woods benefit our mental and physical health, but also our furry friends! A simple way of keeping fit, it has been proven that a woodland walk can significantly lower our blood pressure as well as ease signs of depression. For our four-legged companions, a stroll in nature can improve their strength, balance and keep them engaged mentally – resulting in a happy and healthy pooch! 

However, if your pup has a habit of wandering off the beaten track, you may have your work cut out for you when you get home. Characteristics may differ from breed to breed, but one thing they all have in common is the desire to roll around in mud and dirt! To help make dog-owners lives easier, our Pet Care Clothwipes are specifically designed for pets and the messes they bring home. Completely 100% pet-safe, they are made with cosmetic grade ingredients meaning they are tough on dirt but kind to your pooches’ paws, making these wipes an essential on-the-go product during those woodland walks. The perfect preventative for muddy paw prints on the carpet floor, our Pet Care Clothwipes are also double the size of regular wipes, meaning you can clean all four of your pooches paws with ease!



There’s no better feeling than seeing your pup paddling in the sea, it is their natural instinct after all! Swimming has been proven to be fantastic exercise for dogs, helping with mental and physical stimulation as well as benefiting those senior pooches with joint problems. 

However, a day out at the beach can often lead to a sandy situation on the car ride home. If your four-legged friend has jumped straight from the sea to the back-seat, our Pet Care Clothwipes have you covered! Not only can they clean your dog’s sandy paws, they also have an impressive absorbency capacity capable of soaking up every grain of sand that may be lurking in your car’s interior, offering a professional grade clean without the added expense! 

Staying wet and usable for more than 60 minutes, our Pet Care Clothwipes are designed to tackle these doggy dilemmas and are capable of mopping up excess dirty water and germs dripping from your pet’s coat.

Dog Parks

Time off the lead, improved physical health and an opportunity to make some fellow friends are just some of the benefits of having a local dog park! But how clean is your canine after an evening spent at one? 

From owners failing to pick up after their pup, to a lack of general maintenance, dog parks can often be the main cause for your pet being extra muddy. That’s why our Pet Care Clothwipes are an essential step in your dog’s post-walk routine! With a micellar cleansing formula, they are gentle on both human hands and furry feet and ensure no dirt from the dog park makes it way into your home. Also, their cloth-like fabric won’t rip or deteriorate during use, even on the roughest paws!

Pet-friendly cafés

Visiting dog-friendly cafés and like-minded eateries is a great way for you to socialise with your friends and family without leaving your pet at home. After all, a dog is a part of the family and will naturally hate to be left out of the fun!

However, these pet-friendly cafés and restaurants are no stranger to mess thanks to the many spills, crumbs and condiments that may have fallen to the floor. Your companion may have even stepped in or laid down in these spills meaning their paws, face or coat could be covered in nasty germs which can be very uncomfortable.

We recommend using one of our Pet Care Clothwipes after visiting an eatery like this, and giving your dog a quick clean to ensure there are no food particles stuck in their paws or coat.

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