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UltraGrime helps reduce customer complaints

November 24, 2019

We have had some amazing feedback recently from a service provider who uses UltraGrime for their workforce. Since their electrical installers have been using our UltraGrime wipes they have had a sharp reduction in complaints!

In a digital age it is vitally important to keep customers happy, as there are more ways than ever for a customer to vent their frustrations which can have serious detrimental effects on a business. Many companies recognise those risks and are taking the necessary steps to improve their customer experience. This is why we are seeing an increasing trend for organisations to implement new cleaning strategies – they want one less thing to worry about when it comes to customer service.

Leaving a customer’s home clean can be the difference between a good and great review and can set companies apart from the competition and help promote repeat business.

UltraGrime wipes for your workforce

How can using UltraGrime help you improve your service?

  • Leave your client’s home as you found it, no mucky handprints on the walls or footprints on floors.
  • Clean tools and demonstrate professionalism. Give a great impression of the company and the diligence of the worker.
  • No running water, no problem. Keep your hands clean with UltraGrime, reduce sickness and promote a more professional, smart workforce.

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