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Tough on Grime, Even Tougher Packaging

October 19, 2021

Not only are our UltraGrime wipes tough on the inside to fight all manners of grime and grease, but they are also tough on the outside too! Each pack’s durable and flexible packaging keeps these extra big wipes fresher for longer, plus they are made with 76% less plastic than tub wipes, meaning they are kinder to the planet as well!

Our heavy-duty packaging and quality lid means moisture is retained in each wipe over long periods of time. However, if you leave the lid open, there would be no reason to panic as UltraGrime wipes can maintain their moisture inside the packaging for weeks with the lid open and even stay wet for over an hour out the packet – an undeniable advantage over tub wipes, which are infamously poor at holding moisture.

The advantage of using UltraGrime packs means there is no need to worry about damaged or cracked tubs. Our strong packaging allows our packs to be tossed in the back of the truck with tools and machinery and thrown around from one messy job to the next because real life is never squeaky clean.

As a bonus, we’re equally as serious about recycling as we are fighting grime. Our production and packaging methods currently use up to 76% less plastic than commonly used tubs and 80% of our packaging is recyclable and made from recycled plastics creating less waste at landfill.

So, join the movement – stop messing about and start fighting dirty with UltraGrime XXL+ Clothwipes.