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Top tips for looking after your home gym

November 24, 2023


The last thing on your mind after a feel-good workout session is cleaning up your gym space. However, keeping your home gym squeaky clean is important to keep you truly motivated – there is nothing worse than walking into an unkept, grimy workout area! Your training space deserves the best, and our UltraGrime Multi-Purpose Original Clothwipes are here to make your gym care routine simple, quick and easy. 

In this blog post, we share some top tips designed to help you effortlessly maintain your  home gym so that you can focus more on your epic workouts…

Wipe down equipment regularly

Incorporate a routine wipe-down after your workout sessions to keep your gym equipment in tip-top condition. Our Multi-Purpose Original Clothwipes are safe to use on all surfaces, making them the perfect go-to for keeping your home gym spotless. Resistance bands, kettlebells, yoga blocks – you name it!

Forget about cleaning solutions and those feeble paper towels that disintegorate after one stroke on the surface. Our Original Clothwipes won’t split or deteriorate, meaning you can easily incorporate regular cleaning into your daily or weekly gym care routine!

Focus on the high-touch areas

We know you must be tired after your vigorous workout, but don’t let the sweat residue linger as it can lead to odour! If you’ve got important dinner plans or you’re rushing out the door to meet with friends, just focus on the high-touch areas such as handles and grips. 

The best part? You can get the job done with just one wipe. Our XXL Multi-Purpose Original Clothwipes are overloaded with cleaning power, meaning that just one wipe could last you for your whole wipe down. Even if you have multiple touch points you need to rapidly tend to, our wetter-for-longer wipes ensure that you’ll have enough useability to move from one point to the next without having to reach for additional wipes. Staying wet for more than 60 minutes, the UltraGrime Clothwipes give surfaces a thorough clean, effectively removing dirt and grime to ensure your space is clean and fresh! 

Don’t overlook your mats

It’s easy to jump up from your mat after successfully completing your record number of burpies (go you!) but don’t forget that it’s just as important to wipe down your mats as any other sports equipment in the gym! You should aim to clean your mat after every use – even if you’ve just done a quick 20 minute yoga session. A quick cleanup not only removes surface dirt but also leaves your mats refreshed and ready for your next personal record breaking session!

Don’t forget the small stuff

Amid the big cleanup, remember to address the smaller stuff that you may sometimes overlook. It’s easy to forget details such as the seams of your gym equipment, the edges of mirrors, or anywhere excess dust may accumulate. Our Multi-Purpose Original Clothwipes are perfect for getting right to the source, washing away the grime that threatens to get in the way of your usual gym routine! 

Wiping down surfaces routinely will ensure that every piece of equipment at your gym receives the cleaning care it deserves. Think of it as a small investment in care to extend the lifespan of your treasured gym equipment.

Create your cleaning station

Set yourself up with an easy-access cleaning station to help motivate you for that quick wipe-down. Having a designated spot ensures that your cleaning essentials are always within reach, streamlining your post-workout cleanup routine! 

To find out more uses for our UltraGrime® Multi-Purpose Original Clothwipes, head to one of our latest blogs here. 

Get prepared for your next post-workout gym cleanse

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