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Top tips for cleaning your sports equipment

September 20, 2023


Investing in high quality sporting equipment for your favourite hobbies is expensive, so it’s critical to take care of your possessions so you can make the most of them for years to come! 

Although exercising on the regular is great for your health, you may find yourself forgetting the essential step of cleaning up after your heart rate has returned back to normal. So whether your equipment is used outside across all seasons and weather conditions, or simply needs a freshen up after a high-intensity workout, having a convenient cleaning solution will ensure your equipment stands the test of time.

In this blog post, we share some common sporting equipment that should always be cleaned, the best ways to do so and how UltraGrime® Multi-Purpose Original Clothwipes can help with the dirty work…

Trainers and boots

For those who prefer using their own two feet to get around and keep fit – such as a daily stroll with the dog, a challenging hike or a long-distance run through the countryside – sturdy footwear can be a costly expense that can deteriorate quickly if not cared for properly. 

Depending on the terrain you travel through and how much you use your boots, it is recommended you clean them regularly whenever they’re beginning to clog up with dirt. It’s not encouraged to fully wash your boots with soap or in the washing machine as this can be harmful to some materials such as leather, or it may permanently damage the waterproof membranes. 

From their long-lasting moisture to their XXL size to cover large surface areas, UltraGrime® Multi-Purpose Original Clothwipes are a quick and convenient solution to clean filthy boots without damage, so don’t forget to pack them on your next camping or walking trip!

Golf Clubs

Due to the necessary investment of purchasing golf clubs before you even get to the driving range or course, golfing has always been a costly hobby. Not to mention, the more skilled you get, the more likely you are to upgrade your clubs to suit your experience level. 

Whether you are looking to re-sell your equipment down the line or keen to keep them in great condition to limit the chances of it affecting your swing, it’s important to keep a close eye on their cleanliness. While each club will require a proper in-depth clean with specialist tools every so often, it’s worth keeping on top of them regularly to make the deep clean a bit easier down the line. 

UltraGrime® Multi-Purpose Original Clothwipes are a great way to scrub any dirt off your clubs before putting them back in the car, saving you time and the hassle of water and soap!

Exercise mats

Although it’s recommended to wipe down your exercise mat after every workout instead of rolling it up and dashing off to your next activity, this can often be forgotten or missed. With UltraGrime® Multi-Purpose Original Clothwipe you could be doing this in a matter of minutes, keeping you zen after yoga or pilates. 

Not only will it keep your equipment looking brand new but also minimise any sweat stains or gym odour – so don’t forget to pack the convenient wipes next time you reach for your exercise mat and head off to a class! 



It’s no surprise that bikes can often get mucky, whether you can be found cycling the busy city centre or prefer the dirt trails of the countryside, a buildup of grime is unavoidable. To make life slightly easier, it is recommended that you give your bike a good scrub after each off road journey and less frequently if you are only commuting in dry conditions, this is because dried dirt can become hard to shift. 

In addition to looking unkempt, dirt can begin to work its way into the mechanics of the bike and cause corrosion and other irreparable damage. UltraGrime® Multi-Purpose Original Clothwipes are a quick and easy way to clean your bike and keep it in order. 

Gloves and knee pads

Although there are no hard rules of when to wash your gloves or knee pads, to keep your fellow teammates on side it may be worth giving them a good clean on a regular basis – these are often body areas that are prone to working up a sweat.

In between each deep clean, UltraGrime® Multi-Purpose Original Clothwipes can be used for a quick wipe down after every wear before placing your equipment back in your bag to avoid any odour build up and keep them fresh for longer. 


Got some sports equipment to keep clean?

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