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Top tips for cleaning your children’s playroom

November 17, 2023


It’s easy to enter panic mode when you first step into the playroom and every inch of ground is covered in mess – especially after an afternoon of arts and crafts! The use of arts and crafts are known for having a number of benefits for children’s development, however, it’s essential to be prepared for the aftermath so that as grown-ups, you can enjoy the time too. Whether you’ve had to crack out the paint, pens or even glitter, our UltraGrime Multi-Purpose Pomelo Clothwipes are here to the rescue. 

In this blog post, we share some top tips for how to tackle those messy play days…

Manage the spills first

First things first, are there any liquid spillages or anything that is likely to stain? If so, then tend to these first. There is nothing worse than soaking up spilled paint and watching as it smears across the surface, but you can rest assured that our Multi-Purpose Pomelo Clothwipes will soak it up seamlessly. Our superb absorbency capacity means that not only will the mess be absorbed, but it will also wipe the surface sparkly clean. Even if the mess has made its way to the sofa, you can blot the spills safely with our powerful solvent wipes without worrying about damaging your sofa fabric – saving you from any costly repairs! 

With our Luxury Pomelo grapefruit-like scent to give that fresh clean smell, it will be as if nothing ever happened. In fact, did you know that citrus scents are said to give you energy? The perfect little boost you need to help you get the job done!

Use a zone strategy

If you are fortunate enough to have no disastrous spills to attend to first, then split your cleanup into sections, and if you have designated spaces for things such as crafting, reading, and playing, then treat these as each of your zones to tackle separately. If not, then start at one end of the room and make your way along – giving yourself a pat on the back once you make it halfway! The power of small wins will help give you that much needed momentum to keep going. The zoning approach not only simplifies the cleaning process but also breaks it down so that it feels much more manageable after a long hard day of adulting.

Use XXL wipes for wider coverage

When tackling the playroom cleanup, make your life easier by opting for larger cleaning tools to cover as much ground as possible. This will make things much more efficient and save you valuable time – which means fewer eyes roll when you first spot the mess!

The bigger the wipes, the less you need to use in one go. If you’ve already used our XXL+ Clothwipes then you’ll know that mopping the mess has never been easier. Our wipes are double the standard size, making them bigger and better for tackling those cleanup zones. Even if you’ve had to dig out that dreaded pot of glitter, there is no need to worry that you’ll still be finding specs of it in every nook and cranny of your house for weeks to come. Our Multi-Purpose Pomelo Clothwipes will help you wash away every grain of evidence.

Less wipes also mean less waste, so you can be kinder to the planet as well as be kinder to yourself by selecting the largest, most reliable wipes on the market. 

Get the kids involved 

You can rest easy knowing that UltraGrime’s Pomelo Clothwipes are safe for not only the adults but for the little ones too. Our gentle formula of safe ingredients, including aloe vera, means that you can get the whole family involved. Let the kids get stuck in and help wipe the chaos away. Who says cleaning can’t be fun?

Stock up on the essentials

Now that you have your strategy for the next cleanup, it’s time to stockpile the cleaning essentials! In preparation for a messy finger painting or paper mache day make sure you are kitted out with all the cleaning necessities you might need. Find out more reasons why families are using our Multi-Purpose Clothwipes in one of our latest blogs here. 

Get prepared for your next playroom cleanup today 

Use UltraGrime Multi-Purpose Pomelo Clothwipes after a messy day of arts and crafts – now available on Amazon!

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