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Packs Vs Tubs

June 3, 2021
There’s so many reasons users choose packs of wipes rather than tubs – from a lack of efficiency to waste & disposal problems, we look at a few of the main reasons people choose packs.

Waste & Disposal
A big problem with tubs is the level of waste created, both in the immediate and long term.
Initially in a working environment, the tubs can be easily cracked, causing the wipes to dry out. And an empty tub is the same size as a full one, creating more waste than a pack.
In the bigger picture, this also translates into more waste at landfill – an issue nullified with a pack as they’re recyclable, and even if they are sent to landfill, they’re made using over 70% less plastic than tubs.


Poor Efficiency
Coupled with the extra waste is the fact that people end up using many more wipes than necessary to get the job done. There’s a few reasons for this:
1. They are on a perforated roll and users tend to pull out 2 or 3 at a time
2. The tub dries out if lid is left open
3. The top wipe is dry because it’s been poking through the top

Our specially designed packs with moisture-locking lids keep the packs wet even with the lid left open, and the wipes are z-folded to dispense 1 at a time.