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A guide to DIY clean-ups

August 21, 2023

Do you take great personal satisfaction in finishing jobs around the house yourself? Are you eager to save money on hiring professionals? Do-it-yourself jobs, otherwise known as DIY, can provide a great sense of accomplishment as you complete tasks around the house that are commonly done by professionals such as decorating and gardening.

Although carrying out some DIY can be fulfilling while saving you some money, there’s a very high chance that you’ll make a mess along the way! In this blog post, we share some common projects that you should consider tackling yourself, and how UltraGrime® Multi-Purpose Original Clothwipes can help with the cleaning up…


Decorating assistant

A fresh lick of paint, or new wallpaper, can be the perfect way to bring new life into your living spaces. In fact, some experts recommend that you repaint your walls every three to five years to keep them looking fresh and bright!

However, this can change depending on how often the space is used – for example, your kitchen is likely to be one of the rooms in your home that is most in need of a sprucing up. Your kitchen walls can suffer from a buildup of grease splatters and steam – or even smoke if you’re not the best cook! Over time, this can really take life out of the space, making your walls appear duller.

Whether you’re looking to experiment with new colours, or just think your living spaces are in-need of some rejuvenation, we always recommend cleaning your walls thoroughly before repainting them as there may be a buildup of dust, dirt and grime that can stop the paint from adhering to your walls. Double the size of a common wipe and packing an impressive absorbency capacity, UltraGrime® Multi-Purpose Original Clothwipes can clean large surface areas making them the perfect tool for wiping down your walls before carrying out any painting or wallpapering!

Planning to complete some filling or sealing jobs around your home? Our Multi-Purpose Original Clothwipes are even great for soaking up spills and cleaning semi-cured sealant or polyurethane foam.


Tidy up tools

Is your home littered with maintenance jobs that you have been putting off for a little too long? You might be able to tackle some of these tasks without the help of a professional! This includes fixing leaking faucets, replacing air conditioning filters, assembling furniture, and more – you might surprise yourself with what you’re able to do on your own.

While we encourage you to challenge yourself with some DIY jobs, it’s important to remember to clean your tools and equipment after use. If tools are stored away straight after use, then they can accumulate dust, dirt and grease which, over time, can worsen their effectiveness and overall lifespan. To prevent this issue, try immediately cleaning the tools with a Multi-Purpose Original Clothwipes.

Great for the garden

Taking care of your garden can be rewarding – providing you with a connection to nature, gardening can give you a true sense of relaxation and it’s a great way to spend more time outdoors. Tasks like cutting the grass, trimming bushes and planting new flowers can even help you keep fit while making sure you get some much-needed vitamin D.

As you work in the garden, you’ll find it handy to keep Multi-Purpose Original Clothwipes within reach as they are the perfect tool for cleaning your hands after you have completed some weeding or have handled soil. Made with 100% biodegradable plant-based fibres, each of our Clothwipes are completely safe to use on skin.

You can of course use Multi-Purpose Original Clothwipes to clean your gardening tools, and to remove dust from any indoor plants – some of our customers have even utilised the large absorbency capacity of our XXL+ Clothwipes to clean their greenhouses!


Cleaning your car

With an ability to deliver professional-grade cleaning, these Multi-Purpose Original Clothwipes can even help with some car DIY. If you plan on getting your hands dirty by changing a tyre yourself, replacing your engine oil, or just giving the inside of your vehicle a clean, then you should know just how filthy these places can be!

In fact, some studies have even revealed that the inside of your car can be just as dirty as your toilet seat which is why it should be cleaned at least once a month. You should start by removing any rubbish and clutter from your car, before taking your mats out which can be deep cleaned with a sponge and warm soapy water and left to dry as you clean the rest of the car. Then, we recommend grabbing a pack of Multi-Purpose Original Clothwipes to eliminate the germs, dust and grime found on your steering wheel, gear stick, dashboard and beyond.

Replacing your engine oil, or changing a tyre, can be messy work. Luckily, just one XXL+ Clothwipe can be enough to clean up any oil spills, or to give your alloys a new gleaming shine!


Feeling inspired to take on some DIY projects?

Don’t forget to pick up some UltraGrime® Multi-Purpose Original Clothwipes to help with the cleaning up – now available at ASDA and on Amazon!

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