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7 Different Uses For Our Multi-Purpose Wipes

October 19, 2023


Do you find it difficult keeping a clean and tidy home without it interfering with your recreational and relaxation time? Can you remember the last time you wiped down the garage or your car? We get it, these ‘around the house’ jobs can often feel mundane and that’s probably the reason you’ve been putting off using some elbow grease with your daily cleaning. Luckily for you, that’s why we designed our Multi-Purpose Original XXL+ Clothwipes – a solution that gets the job done, but in a much more convenient time frame. 

Well-equipped to handle the daily grime, our wipes are bigger, wetter and stronger than regular wipes. If your home, car, sports gear or even camping equipment is in need of some TLC after the summer, we have you covered. In this blog post, we highlight seven different uses for UltraGrime® Multi-Purpose Original XXL+ Clothwipes

Garages and sheds 

Let’s face it, our garages and sheds can often be used as a dumping ground for storing unwanted items that we can’t seem to let go of – just incase we need them one day. However, these versatile add-ons to our homes can also provide a safe and dry space for your bikes, furniture and garden tools, particularly as the cold winter months roll in, so it’s worth keeping them clean, neat and tidy to protect your outdoor essentials. 

It may seem like a daunting task, but due to a build-up of dust, dirt and debris – that may lead to insect infestations – the advised minimal requirement for a deep clean of your garage and shed is once a year, and what better time to give them a wipe down than when you start lugging in the summer garden furniture for storage? Our Multi-Purpose Original Clothwipes are designed to fight all sorts of dirt and grime that may be lurking in your garage or shed, with the added benefit of a large absorbency capacity so you won’t need to keep reaching for the box! 

A garage game-changer, these wipes can of course be used all year round for those messy jobs like fixing a bike chain or changing your tyres – all while staying wet and usable for more than 60 minutes!

Tools and gardening equipment 

Have you got green fingers? Then your gardening gloves and hand trowels may have been your most used tools over the summer! Gardening is a great way to spend time outdoors and has been proven to do wonders for our mental health, reducing both stress and depression. Cleaning your tools after each use may feel like extra work, but it’s essential to keeping them in good knick.

It’s recommended that gardening tools are cleaned after each and every use to avoid both rusting. Luckily, Multi-Purpose Original Clothwipes not only get to grips with the dirt and grime living on your gardening equipment, but they’re also made with 100% biodegradable plant-based fibres and a natural solvent, meaning they are safe to use on your skin after those extra mucky gardening days! 

Car interior

At times, we prioritise cleaning the exterior of our cars, making sure they glimmer on a sunny day. This can mean we often forget about the interiors, until it’s time for that dreaded valet bill. However, it is important to keep your motor spick and span, considering a typical car interior can harbour up to 300 kinds of germs on every square inch! If you fancy a spring clean of your car and a solution that won’t break the bank, Multi-Purpose Original Clothwipes can be easily stored in the glove compartment for optimal convenience. Not to mention they can provide a professional-grade clean without drying out for those hard to reach places, including around the gear stick and handbrake.

Sports equipment 

Nobody wants muddy football or hiking boots carrying dirt throughout the home, right? Forgetting to clean your sports equipment can not only leave it looking worse for wear, but may also damage its performance over time. 

From golf clubs and bikes to exercise mats and trainers, we’ve outlined how you can keep them looking and smelling fresh in one of our latest blogs, check it out here.


Whether you’re a do-it-yourself expert or a decorating novice, one thing is for certain – you’re going to make a mess! With hybrid working on the rise and a growing demand for decorating home offices, DIY jobs around the house have become the hottest trend. If you’re debating tackling a tough paint job, it’s vital that your walls are clean and dry beforehand to ensure the best results. 

Keeping a pack of Multi-Purpose Original Clothwipes handy during your DIY session will ensure your walls are dust and grime-free before painting. The cloth-like fabric won’t rip or tear even when wiping down the roughest walls, and XXL+ size can clean large areas with minimal effort. With an impressive absorbency capacity, our wipes also have you covered for any potential paint spills!

For our guide on how Multi-Purpose Original Clothwipes can transform your DIY jobs, check out our blog post here.


Connecting with nature, spending some quality time with family or getting away from the hustle and bustle of the daily grind – camping has a number of proven health benefits including reduced stress and improved relationships. However, camping can also be a mucky experience. Nobody wants mud trailed into their tent after a hike or juice spilled on their sleeping bag! 

 A handy cleaning solution such as our Multi-Purpose Original Clothwipes are an essential for every camping experience. Powerful on grime and dirt, you can sleep in peace knowing your tent is mud-free! They are also infused with aloe extract and vitamin E, keeping little one’s hands and feet clean after a day of exploring. 

Home interior 

Keeping your home clean and tidy can be hard work, particularly after birthday parties and other special occasions with family and friends. It’s inevitable that a build-up of crumbs and dirt will accumulate on your floors over time. Because of this, we recommend vacuuming at least once a week to ward off bacteria and keep allergies at bay. 

After your floors are looking crumb-free, Multi-Purpose Original Clothwipes are the perfect accompaniment to your cleaning routine. Double the size and wetter than regular wipes, they can clean double the floor space in half the time without drying out, leaving you with less waste and more time to get on with daily life in a busy home.

But why stop at the floors? If you’re in the cleaning mood and your utility room, kitchen worktops or bathroom shelves are in need of some TLC, our wipes get to grips with the grime living on your surfaces, leaving your home looking fresh, rejuvenated and feeling brand new!

Intrigued to find out just how good our wipes are? 

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