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6 ways our Multi-Purpose Pomelo wipes are used by families

September 29, 2023


Everyday life in a busy home can be messy work, particularly with kids and pets running around. Are you forever saying to yourself “I’ll clean that up later”, only to forget five minutes after? Cleaning your home may not take top priority, but it’s important to wipe up dirt, grime and spills around the house to avoid stains that may lead to costly fixes. 

Designed to make cleaning at home easy, our Multi-Purpose Pomelo Clothwipes are capable of tackling daily grime and come with a distinct and luxurious Pomelo scent that will leave your home smelling fruity and fresh for hours! 

In this blog post, we focus on six different ways our Multi-Purpose Pomelo wipes can be used by families… 

General surfaces

Surfaces like kitchen worktops often take the brunt of clutter and food spills. Luckily, our Multi-Purpose Pomelo Clothwipes are well-equipped to tackle all baking mishaps and cooking disasters. With an exceptionally large absorbency capacity and grapefruit-like scent, they soak up big spills and leave your kitchen looking and smelling delightful – so you can say goodbye to those lingering food smells! 

However, our tables and countertops can often take top priority when it comes to the weekly clean, leaving grubby surface areas like the stairway bannister overlooked. Grabbing hold of the bannister may feel like second nature, but have you ever thought about how many hands have gripped the same structure that day, week or even month? 


Double the size of regular wipes, Multi-Purpose Pomelo Clothwipes are the perfect choice for dusting and cleaning your wooden bannisters from top to bottom in one cleaning session. But why stop there? If you’re in the cleaning mood, run a wipe over your window sills and blinds to remove lurking dirt and grime – prepare to be satisfied with the results!


Our sofas are often the first port of call after a busy day and this can lead to many of us digging into dinner in front of the TV, resulting in food and drink spillages. To avoid an unsightly stain developing, we recommend blotting spills with a Multi-Purpose Pomelo Clothwipe. With a powerful yet safe and natural solvent, they can absorb food and drink mishaps with ease without damaging your sofa’s fabric – while leaving your sofa smelling fresh. 

But it’s not just food or drink spills that can leave your sofa feeling mucky, it’s common knowledge that toddlers like to explore with their hands. Having a recyclable pack of Multi-Purpose Pomelo Clothwipes handy in your living room will save your sofa from remnants of food, dirt or paint on little one’s hands. Infused with Aloe Vera and vitamin E, our wipes are also safe to use on the most sensitive skin – all while saving you the grief of a grubby sofa!

Children’s outdoor toys 

As the cold nights start drawing in, it may be time to start hauling in the kid’s outdoor toys. Whether it’s the sand pit or slide, one thing is for certain – they’ll be in need of a wipe down after being used all summer! Plastic outdoor toys are prone to growing mould, particularly when they’re not in use. In order to keep your garage/shed pest-free, it’s important to wipe down outdoor toys before they’re stored over the winter! Resilient and capable of tackling dirt, grime and mould build-up, our Multi-Purpose Pomelo Clothwipes are the perfect option to give those hard plastic toys a wipe down. They even stay wet and usable for six times longer than regular wipes, meaning you can give those larger toys a deep clean without reaching for the box!

Children’s bedroom or playroom 

As the winter months often lead to an increase in runny noses, children’s bedrooms and playrooms are likely to be full of germs, especially after playdates! Since toddlers hands and mouths can be extra mucky, we highly recommend using our Multi-Purpose Pomelo Clothwipes to clean your child’s toys daily. If your youngster’s box of toys is overflowing, there’s no need to worry about leaving the lid open until you’ve finished cleaning – our wipes stay wet and powerful for a whole week! 


Hardwood floors are one of the most common types of flooring, not to mention the most costly to install. A focal point of any home, you want to keep your floors in good knick – which can be hard to maintain in a busy home with curious kids! 

Messy activities such as painting can be both fun and beneficial for little ones, encouraging creativity, however, it can also come at a cost when spilled! Whether it’s paint, pens or glue, the quicker you wipe up an artistic accident the better. Our unique purple pack of Multi-Purpose Pomelo Clothwipes come in stylish and flexible packaging, making them perfect to tuck away in the kitchen cupboard for all paint and pen mishaps. One wipe will make sure your floor is left looking and smelling brand new, eliminating any risk of costly consequences such as professional cleaning. 

Made with safe ingredients, our wipes can also be used to clean little ones hands without drying them out after a day of finger painting or colouring in!

On the go

Whether it’s pumpkin picking or a woodland walk, the colder weather doesn’t mean fun family days out have to come to an end. Exploring outdoors has been proven to benefit our mental health and encourage children to spend quality family time away from their screens. Having said this, it can also lead to muddy hands and shoes mucking up the car interior. 

A day out with the family shouldn’t result in an expensive car valet. That’s why our wipes are an essential to every family outing! The cloth-like fabric won’t rip even when scrubbing off mud and dirt from the car seats or kid’s trainers and they are also 100% biodegradable, ensuring they will have minimal impact on the environment after you’re finished with them – preserving the outdoors for your family’s next adventure!

Interested to see how our wipes can benefit your family? 

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