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5 steps for a quick pre-Christmas clean-up

December 5, 2022

We know, we can’t believe it either – another year has passed, and here we are, Christmas time again. Michael Buble is playing on the speakers; you are halfway through your second bottle of Baileys and have watched ‘The Grinch’ for the third time this week. But it’s time to peel yourself off the sofa as the inevitable house cleaning before the guests arrive looms. We want to get you back to relaxing ASAP, so here are our five steps for a quick pre-Christmas clean-up: 

  1. Kitchen

Making sure your kitchen is ready for some heavy-duty Christmas cooking may seem a daunting task, but our UltraGrime Anti-Bac Clothwipes are sure to make short work of it. Guaranteed to deliver professional-grade cleaning, our Home Fresh citrus-scented Clothwipes will leave all your surfaces smelling clean and fresh. Plus, they kill 99.99% of bacteria in 30 seconds, ensuring your kitchen is rid of any potentially harmful germs. 

Give the fine china and the crystal glasses a quick rinse to remove any dust built up since last year and you can check the kitchen off your list.

  1. Living Room

Vacuuming is an essential action to keep your house clean over Christmas and it’s the first thing we recommend for cleaning the living room, or what’s known as the social hub of your Christmas gatherings. A tidy floor equals a tidy mind. 

Don’t forget about your furniture and upholstery – they deserve a vacuum as well to remove any lingering dirt. To make them look brand new again our Multi-Purpose Pomelo Clothwipes can be used to remove grime and freshen any furnishings. Then wipe and dust all surfaces, including the coffee table, tv stand and windowsills. Voila!

  1. Dining Room

Clean your dining chairs and table ready for your beautiful Christmas table decor. Floral arrangements, table runners and your best dinnerware all look best against a clean surface. If you can set out your Christmas table arrangement before the big day you’ll save yourself time and stress when you’d rather be enjoying the festivities. 

  1. Bathroom

The bathroom is a hub for grime and bacteria. That’s why pre-cleaning the bathroom and maintaining cleanliness throughout the holidays are vital. Clean the bathroom from top to bottom including the sink, bath, shower, toilet, floors and cupboards. Pour some heavy-duty toilet cleaner into the toilet bowl and let it soak in while disinfecting the rest of the bathroom with our Anti-Bac Clothwipes. Make sure to wipe down the tiles and sink to remove any built-up grime and bacteria. Our Clothwipes make cleaning quick and efficient meaning bathroom hygiene is easy to maintain throughout the festive period. During this time, just reach for our Clothwipes to give the bathroom a quick spruce – your guests will think the cleaning elves have visited overnight! 

Plus, don’t forget to leave space for your guest’s toiletries and some fresh towels to make them feel right at home! 

  1. Bedrooms 

The final step in your cleaning frenzy is the bedrooms. If your guests aren’t staying overnight during the festive period, you are more than welcome to skip this step and pat yourself on the back. You’re done! 

However, if overnight guests are in the cards you best stick around for this one. Make sure to wash all the bed linens, make the bed and give the room a quick dusting with our Multi-Purpose Pomelo Clothwipes. Not only will they whisk away stains or dust with ease, but they will also leave behind the pleasant smell of victory. If victory smelt like fresh linen sheets and mouth-watering grapefruit-infused citrus.


With UltraGrime on hand to tackle any space and any surface Christmas cleaning doesn’t need to come with sacks full of stress – after all, it is the most wonderful time of the year!


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