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4 uses for UltraGrime® Pet Care Clothwipes

October 29, 2023


UltraGrime® Pet Care Clothwipes are the ideal tool for keeping pets healthy, and your home squeaky clean. Packed with a generous absorbency capacity and designed not to rip or tear during use, just one Clothwipe will go a long way in helping dogs, cats and other four-legged friends stay clean.

In this blog post, we detail just some of the items and places that can be cleaned with the help of our 100% biodegradable Clothwipes…


From leads and harnesses, to beds and cages, your pet’s accessories are no stranger to being dirty. In fact, it’s likely that you’re not cleaning these accessories as often as you should be – did you know that a dog’s lead should be cleaned at least once per month?

This is because leads and harnesses can be covered in your pet’s germs garnered from its saliva and fur, and any dirt and grime that’s picked up when you’re out wandering with your four-legged friend.

Of course, if these items are visibly mucky, then it’s best to give them a clean as soon as possible. Thankfully, just one XXL+ Pet Care Clothwipe is enough to keep your pet’s accessories free from dirt. Double the size of regular wipes, our Clothwipes are tough on mess and mud, and kind to your furry friends.


Whether your pet’s playing in the garden, running through a field or swimming in the sea, their toys are often with them and can easily end up covered in mud, leaves and sand. This  means there’s a good chance this dirt will trail through your house too, getting all over your upholstery and your pet’s bed. 

Instead of letting the dirt spread, we recommend using our Pet Care Clothwipes prior to getting back to the house. Thanks to their ability of staying wet for more than an hour, just one of these wipes can be enough to rid toys of dirt and grime, ensuring your home remains clean and tidy. 

Carpets and floors

If there’s one thing animals love, it’s exploring the great outdoors while being as messy as possible! From woodland walks and diving into muddy puddles, to chasing their furry friends around the park, dogs are bound to get a bit mucky while on their daily walks.

Even outdoor cats are no stranger to coming back from their adventurers looking a bit worse for wear! After their outings, it’s more than likely that your pets will have muddy paws that can easily trail into your home leaving filthy footprints all over your carpets and floors.

Luckily, there’s no mess that an UltraGrime® Pet Care Clothwipe can’t handle! Thanks to its size and ability to clean up messes on any surface including tiles, wood, vinyl and even carpets, our Pet Care Clothwipes are the perfect tool for getting rid of muddy pawprints and any other spills that have been carried in from the outdoors.

Fur and paws

Of course, one of the best uses for our Pet Care Clothwipes is to keep your pet’s fur and paws clean and healthy. When considering buying products to clean your dog, cat or other pet, it’s vital that you use products that are guaranteed to be pet-friendly.

Thankfully, our Clothwipes are designed to be kind to your furry friends using cosmetic grade ingredients that won’t cause discomfort or irritation.

Pick up a pack of Pet Care Clothwipes today

Every owner should consider the hygiene of their pets just as often as their own. By picking up some UltraGrime® Pet Care Clothwipes, you can ensure both your home and your pet stay nice and clean! 

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